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Press watch: Art Uncut

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‘Art Uncut aims to bring about a culture shift, to create a world where people automatically and instinctively think about tax ethically. We're not claiming that individuals have a duty to pay as much tax as possible. Rather each of us has a duty to think about tax in an ethical context, to ask questions such as: what's my fair share? What do I owe to the country that paid for my healthcare and education? What's the spirit as well as the letter of the law? What effect does how I arrange my tax affairs have on the globe?

‘Let me suggest two ways in which this culture shift might come about. First, we want to empower people to "Just Say No!" to the tax accountant … It is within their power to tell their tax accountant that they don't want the only consideration to be the minimisation of their tax bill. JK Rowling and Graham Norton have spoken with great eloquence and conviction on this issue.

‘Second, we want to encourage consumers to make tax one consideration in their choice of which artists to support, or which companies to buy from.’

Philip Goff, founder and co-organiser of Art Uncut
The Guardian, 28 June 2011