Tax Journal

Hatice Ismail (Simmons & Simmons) examines the vulnerabilities and safeguards built into the CRS, including as implemented in the UK, and considers the possible implications of a successful taxpayer challenge.
13 September 2018 | Premium content
Nigel Doran (Macfarlanes) examines a recent FTT case that has implications for every sale by an employer company of an asset to an employee on interest free deferred payment terms.
13 September 2018 | Premium content
Katharina Byrne (LexisNexis) considers some key points for advisers before the RTC window closes on 30 September.
13 September 2018 | Premium content
Mike Lane and Zoe Andrews (Slaughter and May) provide your monthly update on tax developments affecting the City.
13 September 2018 | Premium content

Amanda Brown and Chris Leigh (KPMG) discuss the implications of the recent decision in the leading case of Hastings Insurance Services Ltd and HMRC v KPMG LLP (Third Party).

11 September 2018
Heather Self (Blick Rothenberg) talks to HMRC’s Jim Harra about Brexit, the department’s services for large businesses and its approach to dispute resolution.
6 September 2018
A significant improvement in the public finances has eased the pressure on Philip Hammond to come up with tax hikes in his November budget, David Smith reports.
6 September 2018 | Premium content