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Card image Selena Schneider, John W. Lamszus, Daniel J. Pugh
Selena Schneider, John W. Lamszus and Daniel J. Pugh (Crowe) provide a guide to this common treasury management tool used by multinationals to efficiently manage cash and reduce process and transaction costs. 
Card image Monique van Herksen, Clive Jie-A-Joen, Fan Bai
The OECD's new guidance marks a change in approach, as experts at Simmons & Simmons explain.
We are expecting new OECD guidance on the transfer pricing analysis of financing arrangements. Anton Hume and Andrew Stewart (BDO) consider what’s most likely to change.
Transfer pricing enquiries are becoming a commonplace challenge within the UK tax landscape. Paul Daly and Ben Henton (BDO) examine the practical issues. 
In 2017, the UK implemented a detailed set of hybrid mismatch rules to combat cross-border tax advantages arising from hybridity for example, the differing tax treatments of entities, transactions or instruments. The...
Is the arm’s length principle about to enfold VAT?

Official statistics published this week on HMRC’s transfer pricing and diverted profits tax (DPT) activity show that HMRC’s increasing international focus has been effective in achieving its intended results. The statistics highlight the sustained increase in the risks faced by multinational corporate groups dealing with the complex and ever changing international tax environment.

Anton Hume and Andrew Stewart (BDO) examine a range of transfer pricing financing arrangements used within groups.

Pierre-Régis Dukmedjian and Alejandro Dominguez (Simmons & Simmons) assess the EC’s ruling in the Amazon state aid case.

Malcolm Joy and Duncan Nott (BDO) explain the new requirements for the robust transfer pricing of intangible assets in the OECD’s updated transfer pricing guidelines.