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John Hawksworth takes a look at the economy and the public finances. 
The budget deficit is undershooting official forecasts, suggesting that the public finances are on the mend. But the chancellor is not ready to declare victory yet, writes David Smith.
Nicholas Macpherson, former permanent secretary to three chancellors, considers a potential solution to reducing the public sector debt. 
Faced with the reality of a massive deterioration in the public finances as a result of his emergency Covid-19 support, Rishi Sunak is looking at ways of repairing the damage this autumn, David Smith reports.
The public finances continue to outperform expectations, providing Philip Hammond with a strong platform ahead of his 13 March spring statement. But the risks have not gone away, as David Smith reports.
A significant improvement in the public finances has eased the pressure on Philip Hammond to come up with tax hikes in his November budget, David Smith reports.

The indications are that Britain’s public finances are deteriorating in the wake of the Brexit vote. The question is how the new chancellor, Philip Hammond, responds, David Smith writes.

Helen Miller and Thomas Pope (Institute for Fiscal Studies) examine the latest tax receipts for 2015/16 and ask whether the government’s policies – which have changed their composition – have been part of a clear and coherent strategy.

Ben Jones (Eversheds) answers questions on the tax implications for the UK of leaving or remaining in the EU.

Claims that leaving the EU would free up public money for other priorities have been disproved by experts, who say that Brexit would harm, not help, the public finances, as David Smith reports.