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Tim Sarson (KPMG) reviews the Biden Administration’s FY 2025 tax proposals and the OECD’s new guidance on Amount B of Pillar One.
Increased digital reporting, the implementation of Pillar Two, potential further reforms to pensions tax... Bill Dodwell, former Tax Director of the Office of Tax Simplification, looks at what’s in store for tax in the year ahead.
This month’s update from Tim Sarson (KPMG).
Card image Brin Rajathurai, James Burton, Mitchell Fraser
Brin Rajathurai, James Burton and Mitchell Fraser (Allen & Overy) review last week’s OECD announcements on the two-pillar solution.
Tim Sarson (KPMG) provides a recap of recent Pillar One and Two developments, and looks ahead to what’s in store throughout 2023.
Delay and a lack of political consensus on BEPS feature in this month’s review by Tim Sarson (KPMG).
The latest on BEPS, tax transparency and transfer pricing, reviewed by Tim Sarson (KPMG). 
BEPS 2.0 and the US FY 2023 Budget are among the recent developments examined by Tim Sarson (KPMG).
OECD commentary on the pillar two model rules and the responses to the pillar one public consultations are among the recent developments examined by Tim Sarson (KPMG). 
Pillar one, UAE’s new federal corporate tax regime, and the Indian government’s Union Budget are among the recent developments examined by Tim Sarson (KPMG).