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Exactly what sort of an event was this, asks Chris Sanger (EY).
John Hawksworth takes a look at the economy and the public finances. 
Faced with the reality of a massive deterioration in the public finances as a result of his emergency Covid-19 support, Rishi Sunak is looking at ways of repairing the damage this autumn, David Smith reports.
Philip Hammond took advantage of an improvement in the public finances to avoid tax hikes in the Budget. Should he have raised taxes anyway, David Smith asks.
A significant improvement in the public finances has eased the pressure on Philip Hammond to come up with tax hikes in his November budget, David Smith reports.
The public finances have turned out better than expected, despite weak economic growth, providing Philip Hammond with a boost. But he will want to go further in mending the public finances, David Smith writes.

If Philip Hammond wants to introduce bold tax reforms, he will do so against the backdrop of a sharp rise in government debt, writes David Smith.

John Hawksworth says the Budget is modestly positive for economic growth up to 2015 but with pain to come.