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Tax checks for licence applications

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The Finance Act 2021, Schedule 33 (Licensing Authorities: Tax Information) Regulations, SI 2022/224, set out various information requirements for applicants, licensing authorities and HMRC for the purposes of the new tax checks rules for licence applications introduced by FA 2021 Sch 33, including the following:

Licensing authorities are required to confirm that first-time applicants have been made aware of HMRC guidance on their potential tax obligations. The regulations deem confirmation to have been made at the time it is recorded by the licensing authority as having been obtained.

For renewal applications, a tax check will be required. The regulations set out:

  • how information should be provided to HMRC and how HMRC should indicate that a tax check has been completed; and
  • how the licensing authority should request confirmation of completion of a tax check from HMRC and how HMRC should provide that information.

The regulations come into force alongside the substantive provisions in FA 2021 Sch 33 for applications made on or after 4 April 2022.

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