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Statutory sick pay changes

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As part of the UK government’s response to the pandemic, individuals who were unable to work for coronavirus-related reasons (e.g. when required to self-isolate) were eligible to receive statutory sick pay (SSP), and the usual ‘waiting days’ before SSP becomes payable were disapplied, meaning those individuals would qualify from the first day of absence.

The Statutory Sick Pay (General) (Coronavirus Amendment) Regulations, SI 2022/380, remove coronavirus-related absence from the list of reasons people are deemed incapable of work for the purposes of qualifying for SSP, from 25 March 2022.

The Statutory Sick Pay (Coronavirus) (Suspension of Waiting Days) (Saving Provision) Regulations, SI 2022/381, disapply the ‘waiting days’ before which SSP is normally payable, where the absence related to coronavirus and started on or before 24 March 2022. This preserves the position set out in previous regulations which lapsed on the expiry of the relevant powers in the Coronavirus Act 2020 s 40.

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