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Start date for interest on offshore penalties

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The Finance Act 2009, Sections 101 and 102 (Penalties for Offshore Evasion or Non-Compliance) (Appointed Day) Order, SI 2019/1238, appoints 6 September 2019 as the date on which the FA 2009 provisions on late payment interest and repayment interest come into effect for certain penalties in connection with offshore matters.

This covers penalties for:

  • offshore asset moves (FA 2015 Sch 21);
  • enablers of offshore tax evasion or non-compliance (FA 2016 Sch 20);
  • offshore asset-based penalties (FA 2016 Sch 22); and
  • the requirement to correct (F(No. 2)A 2017 Sch 18).
Issue: 1456
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