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Stack of HMRC guidance updated

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HMRC has published the following revised guidance on its website:

  • Business Income Manual, which has been rewritten in its entirety.
  • Updated guidance to reflect changes to capital taxation and National Heritage, particularly in relation to chattels that qualify for conditional exemption, or support by a maintenance fund.
  • VAT Notes 4 2013, which outlines new and revised VAT notices that have been released since the publication of VAT Notes 3 2013 in September, as well as a summary of the VAT place of supply of services rules and introduction of the VAT mini one stop shop.
  • Updated Notice CCL1/5, Penalties and interest.
  • A reminder that from 1 January 2014, there will be no requirement to deduct tax from manufactured overseas dividends (MODs), and so tax should not be deducted from that date. This follows changes by FA 2013.
  • Guidance to illustrate how HMRC will apply the qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes (QROPS) regime to transfers taking place before 24 September 2008 from a registered pension scheme to an overseas scheme that was on the QROPS list (but was not actually a QROPS).
  • The latest edition of its Employment-Related Shares & Securities Bulletin.
  • Guidance on the new rules for some gambling duties from 1 December 2014.