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Review of Welsh Tax Acts

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The CIOT has responded to the Welsh government consultation on tax devolution in Wales. Highlights include:

  • legislation that imposes a compliance or financial burden on taxpayers should be set out in primary legislation in order to ensure that it obtains sufficient scrutiny;
  • the Welsh Government’s proposal to confer three regulation-making powers on ministers does, however, provide a balance between the needs for speed and scrutiny, particularly with the additional safeguard of a ministerial statement explaining why the power is being used;
  • there is insufficient need for an annual Welsh Finance Bill, but this should be kept under review; and
  • regulation-making powers should only be used to make retrospective legislation where it is necessary (rather than desirable) and a protocol should be issued by Welsh Ministers on the use of retrospectivity, which should include a presumption against it.
Issue: 1507
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