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Report by ‘platform for collaboration on tax’

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The IMF, OECD, UN and World Bank Group joint initiative ‘platform for collaboration on tax’ (PCT) has presented its first report to the G20 finance ministers with recommendations for implementing effective programmes to help build tax capacity in developing countries (see The primary recommendations include:

·        options through which the G20, international organisations and other development partners can encourage political support for tax systems development;

·        the development of country-owned medium-term revenue strategies or tax reform plans, depending on country circumstances;

·        support to non-government stakeholders;

·        support by development partners to increase managerial, as well as technical, skills in taxation agencies;

·        various approaches to developing better coordination and collaboration among providers, and avoidance of fragmented support and approaches;

·        intensification of work by PCT partners and others to produce comparable and reliable data;

·        increased partnerships and support for regional tax organisations; and

·        support to developing countries to facilitate meaningful participation in international tax policy discussions and institutions.

The report envisages the implementation of three to five pilot medium-term revenue strategies, and a follow-up report within three years.

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