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Press watch: Tony Blair

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‘Beyond pay, many of Britain’s biggest earners are expert tax avoiders ... The seriously rich regard tax as something only silly folk get stung for. For instance, one private company with a sole owner declared an income last year of £12m, but paid just £315,000 in corporation tax, after writing off "administrative expenses" of nearly £11m. Shocking, is it not? The owner, a Mr Blair, apparently conducts his business operations across several continents through a network of companies, most of which escape having to publish accounts. Their activities are perfectly legal. But they create a stench in the nostrils to compete with any banker’s body odour.’

Max Hastings, Daily Mail, 10 January 2012

‘A spokesman for [Tony Blair] said: “The Windrush accounts are prepared in accordance with the relevant legal, accounting and regulatory guidance. Tony Blair continues to be a UK taxpayer on all of his income and all of his companies are UK registered for tax purposes.”’

Sunday Telegraph, 8 January 2012