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Press watch: Chris Evans on tax havens

printer Mail

‘We all know there are some big names who pay extremely little, if any, UK tax yet continue to be allowed to earn a vast income here. Why does this phenomenon still exist? Why don’t the powers that be simply stop this nonsense from 9am tomorrow morning?

‘Even the phrase “tax haven” sounds like paradise. But it bloomin’ well wouldn’t be, because every street would be hidden under a sea of detritus and we would all be murdered because there would be no policemen, courts or prisons.’

Chris Evans, Mail on Sunday, 4 September 2011

‘Most people would say that a good tax is one paid by those richer than themselves, so calls by members of the global wealthy elite to pay more tax have come as a bolt from the blue. However, early signs are that the “tax me more” campaign by some of the prominent rich ... is unlikely to gain traction.’

Chris Giles, Financial Times, 4 September 2011