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Press watch: 'Activists are coming to town'

printer Mail

‘If all goes to plan, Sir Philip Green will lose millions of pounds on Saturday. Activists are hoping to disrupt Christmas trading at dozens of his Topshops around the country on one of the busiest shopping days of the year,’ wrote David Wighton, Business Editor at The Times (15 December).

‘Promising protests “on a scale that could not have been imagined a few months ago”, the organisers claim that the companies have been shaken by their efforts to date. They are right. And not just these companies. The people who run many of Britain’s biggest businesses have watched nervously as the campaign has gathered pace. They fear we may be seeing the start of a wave of direct action against companies,’ he wrote.

‘Companies look more vulnerable to pressure on a wide range of issues from their environmental record to their employment policies. But tax and pay appear to be the most dangerous flash points.’