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Press watch: ‘Leeches on society’

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‘Those who evade taxes, like benefit cheats, are leeches on society. And my message to those who try to hide their incomes from the Revenue in offshore bank accounts and false declarations is simple: we will find you and your money ... Tax evaders also make use of tax loopholes, and the truth is that over the last decade they have multiplied.’

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer
The Observer , 28 August 2011

‘The deal concluded between the UK and Swiss governments is a step forward ... But the real test is whether it is now sufficiently unattractive to violate UK tax law and whether this was the best possible deal. The answer is no. First, evaders will still pay less than if they had gone by the law. Second, this is an anti-evasion measure that seems all too easy to evade.’

Financial Times editorial, 30 August 2011