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Press watch: ‘David Davis calls on government to rethink charity tax relief plans’

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‘David Davis has put himself at the forefront of a growing revolt over the government's plans to limit tax relief on charitable donations. The influential Conservative backbencher said the government should rethink the plans. He said that if the aim was to prevent tax avoidance, it would be better to ensure schemes were approved by the Charity Commission – or Revenue & Customs in the case of charities based abroad. If the aim was simply to raise money from philanthropists, the government should say so, he said.

‘Davis is a former chairman of the Commons public accounts committee, which called in a report a decade ago for the commission to be more robust in its approval of charities. The row over the plans, which were announced in the Budget, intensified on Thursday when Vince Cable suggested the cap could damage university funding. The Business Secretary has been one of the toughest advocates of a crackdown on tax avoidance.’

The Guardian, 13 April 2012