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PAYE online for agents

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HMRC is improving its PAYE online for agents service. Previously, agents reported issues with the quality of data and inconsistency with the screens clients would see through their business tax accounts. Larger firms also felt excluded as they could not opt in for the service. HMRC has published an ‘Agents guide’ to new screens which were released to a small sample of agents in February 2021. Key changes include the following:

  • The new screens are exactly the same as the client sees; data for a tax month will appear on the 12th following the end of the tax month.
  • Data quality issues are said have been resolved.

HMRC is running an incremental rollout of the new screens before full implementation. It seems likely that in May 2021 HMRC will grant some larger firms access to the service.

The ATT reports that HMRC has also announced ‘imminent’ minor changes to the Agent Services Account homepage.

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