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OTS to review its aims and approach

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Following a recommendation in the 2021 HM Treasury five-year review of the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS), the chancellor and financial secretary to the Treasury has asked that the OTS articulate its approach to and interpretation of ‘tax simplification’, focusing on conclusions that can inform how the government should prioritise simplification efforts and how the OTS should prioritise its work over the next five years. 

As a consequence, the OTS is conducting a review which will:

  • articulate its interpretation of and approach to ‘tax simplification’;
  • develop a framework of principles and approaches to inform the work of government on tax simplification and to guide the work of the OTS and help set its priorities;
  • explore the range of ways in which tax complexity is experienced and the impacts it can have on individuals, businesses, agents, HMRC and the economy; and
  • evaluate the benefits of simplification, and ways in which it could practically be achieved and measured, including through changes in policy, legislation, guidance, digital systems or administration.

The OTS welcomes a wide range of perspectives on these issues. Views should be emailed to by 3 April 2022.

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