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OTS review of HMRC’s taxpayer guidance

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The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published a further review of HMRC’s guidance for taxpayers, updating its October 2018 report Guidance for taxpayers: a vision for the future. The review finds that HMRC has made considerable progress following the 12 recommendations outlined in the 2018 report (and reproduced as Appendix 1 to the review). In particular, the OTS finds that HMRC:

  • has committed significant resource to its guidance team;
  • has made clear progress in implementing the new guidance model envisaged in the OTS’s 2018 report;
  • is making extensive use of external feedback to improve guidance; and
  • is consulting with a guidance strategy forum which has a wide membership.

The report also sets out future HMRC commitments in working towards simpler and better guidance for taxpayers.

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