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OECD tax report to G20 finance ministers in Washington

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The OECD secretary-general has published his international tax report to G20 finance ministers and central bank governors for the forthcoming meeting in Washington on 17 and 18 October, setting out the latest proposal for taxation of multinational enterprises in the digital economy and progress on tax transparency.

The report is in two parts. Part 1 and Annex 1 cover in some detail the secretariat proposal for a unified approach to pillar one of an international solution to the challenges of the digital economy.

Part 2 and Annex 2 look at tax transparency challenges arising from new technologies such as crypto-assets, which may require changes to the CRS. The OECD is also responding to the growth of digital platforms and the sharing and gig economies by developing a standardised reporting and exchange framework for interested jurisdictions.

More generally, the OECD reports seven jurisdictions currently failing to comply with tax transparency standards. These jurisdictions are Brunei Darussalam, Dominica, Montserrat, Niue, Sint Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago and Vanuatu.


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