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OECD tax report to G20

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The OECD Secretary-General has published his report to the July 2021 meeting of G20 leaders in Italy, covering international tax developments including the following:

  • Tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy: covering the formal Statement on establishing a new framework for international tax reform, confirming that Peru has since joined the statement, and reconfirming the timelines – with a detailed implementation plan to be released by October 2021.
  • Tax policy and climate change: urging G20 leaders to use the High Level Tax Symposium on Tax Policy and Climate Change on 9 July 2021 as an opportunity to consider the role that fiscal instruments can play, in conjunction with regulatory policies, to contribute to reaching environmental objectives and cushion the adverse distributional impacts associated with climate policy.
  • Tax and development: summarising the OECD’s continued efforts to provide capacity building to developing countries during the Covid-19 crisis, and helping governments learn from each other as regards tax policy.
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