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Notification of uncertain tax treatment

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Responding to the draft Finance Bill 2022 legislation on notification of uncertain tax treatment by large businesses (from 1 April 2022), the CIOT makes a number of observations, including:

  • the legislation is not necessary – and compliance could be achieved through other means (and the measures themselves will also likely have a high compliance burden and result in uncertainty);
  • the reduction in the number of triggers to three (from seven) is welcomed;
  • the deadline for notification of uncertain tax treatment should match that for the corporation tax return;
  • difficulties could arise where a tax treatment becomes uncertain as a result of a change of circumstances after the return has been filed;
  • concerns remain around what a tribunal or court might find to be incorrect (third trigger), and the difficulties in applying the ‘substantial possibility’ tests;
  • HMRC has not yet provided sufficient detail on how businesses that do not have a customer compliance manager will be treated to ensure parity with those that do; and
  • clarity is needed on how this measure will interact with HMRC’s discovery powers and statutory reviews of penalties.
Issue: 1546
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