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New HMRC guidance

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HMRC guidance includes:

•        International exchange of information manual: new section, IEIM600000, ‘Client Notification’;

•        VAT default interest manual: new section, VDIM9025, ‘Joining a VAT group’;

•        Corporation tax on chargeable gains: indexation allowance: August 2016;

•        Notice 741A: Place of supply of services: updates the August 2016 version to reflect the introduction of a use and enjoyment provision in respect of insurance repair services from 1 October 2016;

•        Notice 197: Receipt into and removal from an excise warehouse of excise goods: revises the version published on 19 September with a revised foreword summarising the main changes;

•        List 3: Professional bodies approved for tax relief: three new bodies added;

•        Getting out of a tax avoidance scheme: guide for taxpayers involved in tax avoidance schemes on how to go about settling their liabilities before litigation begins;

•        VAT Notes No. 3 2016: includes a reminder about the alcohol wholesaler registration scheme from 1 April 2017;

•        Directors’ loan accounts toolkit: updated for 2015/16 company tax returns;

•        Pension schemes newsletter 81: includes reporting serious ill-health lump sums through RTI; accurate recording of pension input amounts in event reports; relief-at-source annual returns; new RTI fields for surrender or assignment of annuities from 6 April 2017; lifetime allowance online service; and launch of annual allowance calculator;  

•        WTC/FS5: Tax credits on coming to the UK and WTC/AP: What to do if you think your child tax credit/working tax credit is wrong: updated versions; and

•        PAYE reporting for employment intermediaries: updated to confirm that intermediaries must file nil reports for quarters in which they supply no workers and must also notify HMRC on ceasing to be an intermediary.