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New European Commission president outlines tax policy agenda

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The new European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, has published a manifesto outlining her position on a number of tax policy areas, including:

  • ‘I will ensure that taxation of big tech companies is a priority. I will work hard to ensure the proposals currently on the table are turned into law. Discussions to find an international solution are ongoing, notably at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. However, if by the end of 2020 there is still no global solution for a fair digital tax, the EU should act alone.’
  • ‘A common consolidated corporate tax base would provide businesses with a single rulebook to compute their corporate tax base in the European Union. This is a longstanding project of the European Parliament and I will fight to make it a reality.’
  • ‘I will step up the fight against tax fraud and make our action against harmful tax regimes in third countries stronger.’
  • ‘I will make use of the clauses in the Treaties that allow proposals on taxation to be adopted by co-decision and decided by qualified majority voting in the Council. This will make us more efficient and better able to act fast when needed.’

See A Union that strives for more: my agenda for Europe, at

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