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HMRC: Tax cheats face detailed scrutiny

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HMRC are writing to 900 ‘known tax evaders’ to tell them that they are now under ‘increased levels of personal scrutiny’, as part of a new programme for Managing Deliberate Defaulters (MDD).

‘If you are thinking about breaking the rules just remember, you could end up with HMRC on your back for five years,’ said HMRC’s Steve Hickman. ‘We have worked closely with the accountant community to develop this programme and their help has been invaluable in getting the detail right.’

‘It is right that HMRC come down hard on those who deliberately under-declare tax, said Gary Ashford, Chairman of the CIOT’s Management of Taxes Sub-Committee. ‘However, it is crucial that HMRC get decisions right on whether errors are deliberate or simply the result of carelessness and that penalties and other sanctions are proportionate.’

Detailed guidance on the MDD programme, including 42 questions and answers, is available on the HMRC website.