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HMRC taskforces target Scottish pubs and clubs

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HMRC expects to recover £30m from compliance activity by new taskforces tackling evasion among Scottish pubs and nightclubs; hair and beauty businesses in Northern Ireland; the motor trade in South Wales, the South West, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and the North East; and restaurants in South Wales and the South West.

‘At a time when we are trying to rebalance the public finances and most hard-working people are making a contribution by paying the right tax, it is just not fair that a small minority try to dodge their responsibilities,’ said David Gauke, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury on 5 July.

HMRC launched 12 taskforces in 2011/12 and plans a further 30 in 2012/13. The taskforces bring together various compliance and enforcement teams for ‘intensive bursts of activity targeted at specific sectors and locations where there is evidence of high risk of tax evasion’.