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HMRC staff survey: 35,000 abstentions

printer Mail

Fewer than one in five HMRC staff believe HMRC as a whole is well managed, according to the department’s latest People Survey. Only 13% of the respondents agreed that ‘when changes are made in HMRC they are usually for the better’.

Two thirds said that, overall, they had confidence in decisions made by their manager. While 20% wanted to leave HMRC as soon as possible, or within the next 12 months, 63% said they wanted to stay for at least the next three years.

The response rate was only 52%, down from 69% last year.

Taxation reported earlier this month that ‘it took an intervention from the Cabinet Office before HMRC’s senior management unequivocally stated that poor results in the staff satisfaction survey would not be a factor in choosing offices for closure’.

Prior to that intervention, HMRC’s Chief Executive’s office ‘had watered down a similar message, with the result that both HMRC unions passed motions threatening a boycott of the survey’.