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HMRC’s ‘working together’ goes digital

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HMRC says it is in the process of moving away from face-to-face local meetings with agents and moving its ‘working together’ (WT) forum to a digital platform. HMRC says it wants ‘to provide a better service for more agents through digital channels and services, learning from transforming our engagement with SMEs to digital which has had a huge degree of success both in terms of extending customer reach and improving satisfaction ratings’. In autumn 2014, HMRC says it conversed with tax agents to explore how it could work with them to move WT to a digital platform in order to:
  • align with HMRC digital by default agenda; 
  • extend the reach of WT to the wider agent community; 
  • save resources for both HMRC and agents; and
  • enable agents to discuss widespread issues with subject matter specialists.