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HMRC’s approach to tax fraud

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HMRC has published a briefing to explain how it uses a range of powers to tackle tax fraud. The paper ‘HMRC’s approach to tax fraud’ notes that tax fraud covers a wide range of illegal activity, including:

  • deliberately submitting false tax returns;
  • falsely claiming repayments or reliefs;
  • hiding income, gains or wealth offshore; and
  • smuggling taxable goods.

HMRC focuses on trying to stop fraud happening in the first place, by:

  • building checks and controls into its systems;
  • changing legislation to make it more difficult or impossible to commit tax fraud; and
  • working with businesses to help them spot when they are at risk of tax fraud.

The briefing paper highlights the use of HMRC’s criminal investigation powers in serious cases of fraud and where HMRC wants to send a ‘strong deterrent message’.

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