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HMRC reviews overseas refund scheme VAT claims

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HMRC is to reconsider rejected VAT refund claims for 2016/17 under the overseas refund scheme, where the claim was processed after 23 May 2018 and the reason given for rejection was an invalid certificate of status (COS).

New verification procedures were introduced for overseas refund scheme claims from 23 May, under which HMRC began requiring strict compliance with the legislative requirements for a valid COS, although it failed to inform businesses of the change.

In Revenue and Customs Brief 12/2018, HMRC explains the verification changes and actions it will take in respect of 2016/17 claims.

For new 2017/18 claims, HMRC will extend the deadline until 31 March 2019 for submission of a valid COS. This extension only applies to the COS; new claims must still be submitted by the 31 December deadline.

All future applications for refunds must satisfy the legislative requirements set out in section 6 of VAT Notice 723A.

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