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HMRC manuals update: 2 April 2020

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Changes to HMRC Manuals this week, include:

ManualPage(s) and date of changeComments
Capital Gains ManualUpdated: CG45900CG45930CG45932CG45948CG61970CG61972CG61976CG61978CG65810CG69200(30 March 2020)Added guidance on:
• appropriations to and from trading stock in relation to insurance companies and transactions in UK land under TCGA 1992, s S161(5) and (6)
• the background to business asset roll-over relief (archiving old guidance)
• business asset roll-over relief and the single group trade rule and the same person rule
• roll-over relief on transfer of shares to an approved Share Incentive Plans (archiving old guidance) in relation to the conditions of relief, replacement assets and computing relief
• conditions for relief on qualifying assets under FA 2013 s 59(10)
Archived: CG45931CG61971CG61977 (30 March 2020)
Company Taxation ManualUpdated: CTM93005CTM93050CTM93090CTM93110CTM93140CTM93180CTM93190CTM93260CTM93280CTM93300CTM93330CTM94010CTM94020CTM94050CTM94060CTM94070(25 and 27 March 2020)Updated guidance on: the filing obligation under corporation tax self assessment and filing date examples, and amended returns and penalties for late returns.
Added: CTM92840 (27 March 2020)Added guidance on non-resident company landlords and quarterly instalments.
Compliance Operational GuidanceUpdated: , COG915150COG915160COG915165 (24 and 26 March 2020)Updated guidance to state that ‘compliance activity has been paused until close of Wednesday 1 April’ (compliance relating to regulation 80 determinations for PAYE failures) and that HMRC officials must, before undertaking any activity, ‘read the internal guidance (which is withheld from public view by an exemption from the Freedom of Information Act 2000) on when to issue the new COVID19 01 or COVID19 02 SEES letter together with any time-bound statutory notices or assessments’.
Corporate Intangibles Research and Development ManualUpdated: CIRD12670CIRD13080CIRD27010CIRD27020CIRD30530CIRD30535 (27 and 30 March 2020)Updated guidance on: taxable credits and ‘negative goodwill’ referable to intangible assets, the leasing of intangible assets, intangible assets other than goodwill, the definition of goodwill, and debt impairment losses and bad debts.
Added: CIRD25095 (30 March 2020)Added guidance on intangible assets for which capital allowances have been previously made.
Employment Income ManualUpdated: EIM01476EIM11820EIM13675EIM32815EIM32830(24, 25 and 30 March 2020)HMRC has updated its guidance on: PAYE and employees of a non-UK employer, deductible household expenses for homeworking employees, and termination payments in respect of employee liabilities and indemnity insurance.
Employee Tax Advantaged Share Scheme User ManualUpdated: ETASSUM57060(24 March 2020)Updated guidance on the charge on exercise of an EMI option to state that the difference between the market value immediately before the disqualifying event and the exercise price is liable to CGT.
National Insurance ManualUpdated: NIM02530NIM02550 (24 March 2020)Added guidance on PILONS from 6 April 2018, a new section on discretionary PILONS, and guidance on PENP.
Added: NIM13200NIM13208NIM13300NIM13311 (24 March 2020)Added guidance on Class 1A NICs and termination awards and sporting testimonials.
Specialist Investigations Operational GuidanceUpdated: SIOG7425 (30 March 2020)Updated guidance on information notices.
Stamp Duty Land Tax ManualUpdated: SDLTM00365ASDLTM00385SDLTM00395SDLTM09520SDLTM09750SDLTM29957 (30 March 2020)Updated guidance on: residential property, the higher rates for acquisitions of residential property and additional dwellings, and multiple dwellings.
Added: SDLTM00372SDLTM00377A (30 March 2020)Added guidance on residential property.
VAT Assessments and Error CorrectionUpdated: VAEC2520VAEC2530 (26 March 2020)Updated guidance on final period assessments to refer to the VAT Pro Forma Nil Return form instead of Form VAT127 (pro forma nil return).


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