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HMRC manuals: 29 April 2020

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HMRC Manual Tracker

Changes to HMRC Manuals this week, include:

ManualPage(s) and date of changeComments
Business Income ManualUpdated: BIM60515 (22 April 2020)Updated guidance on transactions in land to add an email address for comments on the guidance.
Capital Allowances ManualUpdated: CA20020CA23060 (21 April 2020)Updated guidance on plant and machinery in dwelling houses to state that the plant or machinery doesn’t necessarily have to be located in the dwelling house in order to be ‘for use in’ it.
Capital Gains ManualArchived: CG33001CG33021CG33022CG33024CG33050CG33051CG33111CG33145CG33201CG33204CG33230CG33260 (21 and 23 April 2020)Archived guidance on trusts in relation to: basic terms, definitions and outline of CGT for trusts.
Compliance Operational GuidanceUpdated: COG915150COG915160COG915165 (21 April 2020)Updated to confirm that compliance activity in relation to regulation 80 determinations (enforcing payment of PAYE) has been paused until 30 April 2020.
Corporate Finance ManualUpdated: CFM35810 (21 April 2020)Updated guidance on loan relationships and late interest to state that where disallowed amounts are subsequently written off the borrower can only bring the debit into account when it actually pays the interest.
Company Taxation ManualUpdated: CTM34195CTM94080CTM94100CTM94140CTM95340CTM95420CTM95470CTM95510CTM97002CTM97005CTM98220 (21 and 22 April 2020)Updated guidance:
● on late returns in relation to: reasonable excuses for penalties, Companies Act extension under FA 1998, Sch 18, para 17, surrendering a refund to another group company
● to remove guidance on when COTAX enters cases onto the work list for determination required no return
● on CTA 2010, s 458 claims and general guidance on group relief
● on discovery determinations, the finality of determinations
● to add an email address (replacing the postal address) for companies to notify HMRC that they of their intention to cease to be resident in the UK
● on estimated assessments to remove the statement saying ‘Note: Generally, you should use the provisions of Section 51 in preference to those of TMA70/S20. In suitable cases, though you may seek a notice under Section 20 in accordance with EM2400 onwards’
Cotax ManualUpdated: COM130050 (22 April 2020)Updated guidance on mandatory online filing and the end of a company’s life to state that HMRC should take a pragmatic approach to accepting submissions from insolvency practitioners.
Debt Management And BankingUpdated: DMBM560590 (23 April 2020)Updated guidance on request for notification and mutual assistance in the recovery of debt to include a new HMRC team name and address, documents will now normally be notified by the HMRC MARD Team, International Debt Office, Cumbernauld, BX9 1QH.
Employment Income ManualAdded: EIM32143 (22 April 2020)New example on travel expenses and having more than one permanent workplace at the same time.
Information Disclosure GuideUpdated: IDG50840 (27 April 2020)Updated guidance on insolvency service investigations and enforcement service.
International ManualUpdated: INTM180020INTM480540 INTM480550 (22, 27 April 2020)Updated guidance on:
● the classifications of foreign entities for UK tax purposes to state that applications should currently be only sent by email
● real time working of transfer pricing issues
International Exchange of Information ManualUpdated: IEIM401740IEIM401760IEIM401820IEIM402340 (23 April 2020)Updated guidance to state that non-registered pension arrangements, premium bonds, fixed interest savings certificates and index linked savings certificates are reportable for CRS and DAC purposes with effect from 13 May 2020.
Updated list of reportable jurisdictions whose tax residents Financial Institutions must report on by 31 May 2020 under the CRS. HMRC also states that it ‘recognises that Financial Institutions may already have compiled their files and may be unable to remove such accounts in time to allow reporting by 31 May 2020’.
Investment Funds ManualUpdated: IFM24060 (22 April 2020)Updated guidance on interpretation of terms used in CTA 2010, s 556(3) the ‘three year development rule’ in relation to the ‘completion of the development’.
Statutory Payments ManualUpdated: SPM110500 (23 April 2020)Updated guidance on statutory sick pay in relation to coronavirus cases.


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