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HMRC manual changes: 5 October 2020

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This roundup sets out the most important changes to HMRC manuals over the past week as curated by our editors.   

Direct taxes   

Manual  Page  Comments 
Capital Gains Manual Updated: CG10246, CG10400, CG14970, CG15800, CG18000, CG21000, CG21204, CG21210, CG33100, CG33550, CG35500, CG53726, CG63200, CG63980, CG64166, CG64170, CG64171, CG66884, CG69100, CG63560, CG77917
Updated guidance to state that entrepreneurs’ relief was renamed as business asset disposal relief in Finance Act 2020 with effect from 6 April 2020, and that the new name should be read as applying to times before that date.
HMRC has also updated its guidance on the calculation of the relief and the transitional provisions in FA 2008, Sch 3.

  Archived: CG21205–CG21250 and merged content with
Archived guidance on the rates of tax for 2010–11 and merged with other content on rates.

Company Taxation Manual Updated: CTM36822, CTM36830, CTM36835, CTM36840, CTM36845, CTM36850, CTM36860 Updated guidance on transactions in securities in relation to: condition A, clearances, responses to clearance applications, corporation tax advantage (to refer to CTA 2010, s 733), and excluded circumstances.

Employment Income Manual Added: EIM32795 Added guidance on home working during pandemics.

  Updated: EIM32790
Updated example of expenses when working from home for a member of an NHS trust board.

Inheritance Tax Manual Updated: IHTM43041 IHTM06023
Updated example in Calculating the transferable nil rate band. Update to Rules about excepted estates: what is not an excepted estate and deaths between specified dates.

Insurance Policyholder Taxation Manual Updated: IPTM3210 Updated address to which chargeable event certificates for HMRC are sent in relation to overseas insurers.

National Insurance Manual Updated: NIM27007 Updated guidance on Class 1 NICs special cases in relation to the definition of airman.

Property Income Manual Updated: PIM4001, PIM4010, PIM4015, PIM4030
Updated guidance on rent-a-room relief in relation to: exemption limits, receipts above the exemption limit, going abroad and/or occupying job related accommodation.

Shares and Assets Valuation Manual Updated: SVM110010, SVM110030, SVM110060, SVM110070, SVM110080, SVM110110, SVM110120, SVM110130 ​Replaced references to Employee Shares and Securities Unit (ESSU) with the IPD Technical Team in relation to procedural matters for CSOPs, SAYE and SIP schemes.
Updated guidance on tax advantaged share schemes to remove references to approved schemes and updated introduction to tax advantaged schemes.



Indirect taxes 

Manual  Page  Comments 
VAT Health Manual Updated: VATHLT2080 Updated guidance on the health and welfare exemption and out of hours cover for doctors.

VAT Valuation Manual ​Updated: VATVAL12320 Updated guidance on opticians and dispensers of hearing-aids.



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