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HMRC addresses PAYE RTI disputes

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HMRC has begun writing to employers that are currently in dispute over PAYE charges from their real-time submissions, apologising for the time taken to resolve these queries, and promising to ‘look into this matter’ and provide an update. In a statement, HMRC said: ‘From Friday 22 August, we started to send letters to employers who are disputing a PAYE charge with us. Although there have been relatively few disputed charges, we wanted to review the root causes thoroughly and improve our systems wherever possible. It is clear from that review that while there are a number of different reasons for disputed charges, the main cause is duplicate employments.

‘The creation of duplicate employments is not a new issue. However, filing PAYE information in real time means that there is an increased chance of an error occurring, which can then create a duplicate record.’

HMRC says it has revised its guidance and aims to reconcile all amounts within the next three months, and that it will not ask for payment of the disputed sums in the meantime.