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Health and Social Care Levy Act

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The Health and Social Care Levy Act 2021 received Royal Assent on 20 October 2021.

The Bill received one day of scrutiny in the House of Commons and was passed without amendment. Although the House of Lords had no power to amend the Bill (being a ‘Money Bill’), the debate in the Lords at Second Reading on 11 October illuminates the rationale behind the temporary 1.25 percentage-point increase in NICs for 2022–23 and the introduction of the health and social care levy from 6 April 2023.

Lord Desai summarised the role of the Lords in debating a Money Bill as follows:

‘Let me say first that this has been a good debate. I mean, it is pointless, because we cannot amend a money Bill. The Commons has passed it, and the Government want to rush it through. Whatever we say, no notice is going to be taken, so we can be completely disinterested and make good suggestions—nothing partisan.’

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