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Finance Bill 2019: public bill committee concludes

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The public bill committee concluded its consideration of the Bill on 11 December (ninth sitting). The following clauses were agreed without amendment:

  • cl 79 (offshore matters or transfers: income tax and capital gains tax);
  • cl 80 (offshore matters or transfers: inheritance tax);
  • cl 81 (security deposits for construction industry scheme and corporation tax etc);
  • cl 82 (resolution of double taxation disputes);
  • cl 84 (interest in respect of unlawful ACT);
  • cl 85 (section 84: supplementary);
  • cl 86 (voluntary returns);
  • cl 87 (interest under FA 1989 s 178 and FA 2009 s 101);
  • cl 88 and Sch 19 (regulatory capital securities and hybrid capital instruments);
  • cl 91 (interpretation); and
  • cl 92 (short title).

At the seventh and eighth sittings on 6 December, the following were agreed without amendment:

  • cl 57 (VED: rates for light passenger vehicles, light goods vehicles, motorcycles etc);
  • cl 58 (VED: taxis capable of zero emissions);
  • cl 59 (HGV road user levy);
  • cl 60 (APD: rates of duty from 1 April 2020);
  • cl 63 (climate change levy: exemption for mineralogical and metallurgical processes);
  • cl 64 (landfill tax rates);
  • cl 65 (IHT: residence nil-rate band);
  • cl 66 (soft drinks industry levy: application of penalty provisions); and
  • cl 67 (soft drinks industry levy: Isle of Man).

A new version of the Bill has been published, incorporating the amendments made to date. The new clauses inserted by opposition amendments at committee stage have been added to the Bill as follows:

  • cl 91 (impact analyses of the anti-avoidance provisions of this Act);
  • cl 92 (review of effectiveness of provisions on tax avoidance); and
  • Cl 93 (review of public health effects of gaming provisions).

The date for report stage has yet to be announced. See