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EU VAT gap downward trend continued in 2017

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The VAT gap across the EU decreased by €8bn during 2017 to an overall figure of €137.5bn. This represents 11.2% as a percentage of revenue, down from 12.2% in 2016. Actual VAT revenues for the year across the EU rose by 4.1%.

The largest national VAT gap was in Romania (36%), followed by Greece (34%) and Lithuania (25%). This compares with 11% in the UK. The smallest VAT gaps were recorded in Sweden, Luxembourg and Cyprus at around 1%.

The EU’s latest VAT gap report contains a new forecasting element, providing ‘fast estimates’ for the year preceding publication. These fast estimates for 2018 indicate the VAT gap continuing its fall to below €130bn, or around 10% of total VAT liabilities.


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