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EU Parliament extends ‘PANA’ committee inquiry

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The EU Parliament voted in July to agree a second three-month extension to the work of its ‘PANA’ committee of inquiry into matters surrounding the ‘Panama papers’ (see The committee presented its draft report at the end of June and will now have until the end of the year to consider amendments. This report was highly critical of the level of co-operation the committee has received from a number of other EU institutions, including the Council’s code of conduct group on business taxation, which the ‘PANA’ committee regards as a breach of the ‘sincere cooperation principle’ (see

The inquiry was set up in June 2016 with a 12 month mandate to assess how the European Commission and member states are fighting money laundering and tax evasion, and can be prolonged twice by three months. The Parliament voted in March for the first three-month extension until September (see

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