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Election tax plans

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The main political parties have not yet published their manifestos for the forthcoming general election, but plans for taxation measures have begun to take shape in a number of statements so far.

The Conservative party:

  • has ruled out increases in VAT, but there is no guarantee that the ‘tax lock’ for income tax and NICs will be maintained.

The Labour party:

  • proposes tax increases for the ‘top 5% of taxpayers’, thought to mean those earning more than £80,000; according to IFS director Paul Johnson, this would raise less than £1bn;
  • no increases in income tax, NICs or VAT for the other 95%;
  •  introduction of VAT on private school fees; and
  • suggestions that corporation tax would increase from 19% to 26% by the end of the decade.

The Liberal Democrats:

  • an immediate increase of 1% on all rates of income tax; and
  • a dedicated ‘health and care tax’.
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