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EC proposes additional ‘own resources’ for long-term budget

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The European Commission has outlined its long-term budget for 2021–27 recognising that additional resources will be required for this period. As a result the Commission is proposing to amend and add to the list of ‘own resources’ by: 
  • removing customs duties rebates and reduce the proportion of customs duties retained by member states from 20% to 10%;
  • simplifying the calculation of the current VAT based own resource and focusing on standard-rated supplies;
  • introducing a 3% call rate to the new common consolidated corporate tax base;
  • taking a share of the auctioning revenue of the European emissions trading system; and
  • introducing a national contribution calculated on the amount of non-recycled plastic packaging waste in each member state.
The long-term budget now requires unanimous approval by the Council of the EU, acting with the consent of the European Parliament.
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