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Disclosure of tax avoidance schemes: extension

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HMRC will not take any action in relation to penalties for late submission of the first ‘client lists’, due on 30 April, providing they are with HMRC by 3 May, according to a DOTAS update published by the CIOT.

Promoters are required from 1 January 2011 to provide quarterly lists of clients to whom they are obliged to issue a scheme reference number.

The extension has been granted in the light of the ‘unusual concentration of non-working days around the deadline date’. HMRC have also updated their guidance on client lists.

The DOTAS update also sets out details of work planned for the current tax year, including consolidation of regulations; a discussion paper planned for June 2011 on a second tranche of hallmarks; and consultation on proposals to list specific high risk avoidance schemes in regulations, with options ‘to ensure that users of such schemes do not receive a cash flow advantage’.