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Deemed domicile legislation: trust additions and CGT commencement

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The ICAEW has published HMRC’s replies to queries on the new deemed domicile legislation, particularly in relation to trusts. HMRC has confirmed that there will be a transitional window until 5 April 2018 for trusts to repay non-commercial loans in full, or convert them to commercial terms, to avoid these being treated as post-April 2017 chargeable additions to the trust.

Where the settlor has the power to revoke a trust to safeguard the position of beneficiaries, HMRC will not regard the failure to exercise such a power as amounting to an addition to the trust. In these circumstances, the trust would not lose its protection.

HMRC has also confirmed that matched payments made to non-residents before 6 April 2017 will be able to wash out pre-April 2017 gains; only unmatched payments will be disregarded under the CGT commencement provisions.

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