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Coronavirus job retention scheme: guidance updated

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HMRC has updated its guidance Pay coronavirus job retention scheme grants back to help employers complete the relevant documentation to correct a previous overclaim when they make their next claim under the scheme. In essence, the future claim is reduced by the amount previously overclaimed. HMRC gives the following basic example: ‘If your claim amount is £5,000 and you need to repay an overclaim of £1,000, you should enter: £4,000 into the ‘claim amount’ box (£5,000–£1,000); and £1,000 into the ‘overclaim’ box’.

HMRC has also created a new template for furlough claims for 16 to 99 employees on or after 27 May 2021 (the previous template applied only for 100 employees or more). Similarly to the 100+ template, the new form sets out the information employers need to include in order to make a valid claim. HMRC has said that the templates should ‘help employers get their claim right first time and provide all the information needed to ensure their claims aren’t delayed or stopped. For example, if employers can't provide a National Insurance number for an employee, they can now select a reason for this.’

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