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Consultation on plastic packaging tax

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The government is consulting until 12 May 2019 on the initial proposed design of the plastic packaging tax announced at Budget 2018 for introduction in April 2022.

The proposal is for the tax to apply to all plastic packaging manufactured in the UK and unfilled plastic packaging imported into the UK with less than 30% recycled content. It would be charged on the full weight of the packaging product, set at a flat rate per tonne of packaging material. The definition of ‘plastic packaging’ for the purposes of the tax is to be set out in legislation.

This follows a call for evidence between March and May 2018 on using the tax system to tackle single-use plastic waste, which received a record 162,000 responses.

Responses to this consultation will be considered alongside the findings of parallel consultations, issued by DEFRA, on the packaging producer responsibility system, a deposit return scheme for drinks containers and consistent waste collection.

The government will set out its next steps on the plastic packaging tax at Budget 2019. Following this, HMRC will publish a technical consultation on the tax and will publish draft legislation for consultation in 2020.


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