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Business attitudes to VAT registration

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HMRC has published the findings of research it commissioned into business behaviours and experiences associated with VAT registration. The research involved a telephone survey of 2,009 businesses, followed up with 40 businesses that agreed to be re-contacted. The main findings included:

·        VAT registered businesses were more likely to sell most to other VAT registered businesses (more than 60%), while unregistered borderline businesses tended to sell to consumers or unregistered businesses;

·        accountants were the most common source of advice on VAT among registered and unregistered businesses (67%/57%), followed by HMRC (14%/11%);

·        the most common unprompted reason given for voluntary registration was the expectation of reaching the threshold soon (26%), followed by agent advice (20%) and the ability to reclaim VAT (13%);

·        most saw reclaiming VAT as the main benefit, followed by improved reputation or credibility;

·        the most commonly anticipated drawback was additional administrative burden, followed by financial impact, such as the need to increase prices;

·        the most commonly used VAT support scheme was the flat rate scheme (46%), followed by cash accounting (15%) and annual accounting (5%); and

·        20% of unregistered borderline businesses admitted to having taken some action to remain under the threshold and outside the VAT system, most doing so because they expected VAT registration to have a negative effect on their profit, or their competitiveness, if the cost was passed on to their customers.

The report, ‘Behaviours and experiences in relation to VAT registration’, is available at

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