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ADR pilot: HMRC will accept applications beyond 30 November

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HMRC is evaluating the results of the current stage of its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) trial for small and medium enterprises and individual customers, but applications will continue to be accepted beyond 30 November, the department has announced.

‘The trial has so far attracted over 200 applications, nearly 70% of the applications reviewed by the ADR team have been accepted into the trial and many issues are being resolved,’ HMRC said.

A pilot evaluation report for the first stage of the trial concluded that ‘HMRC facilitators have proven to be objective and even handed for all types of customers; external stakeholders have strongly supported the pilot and successful facilitations have ensured that the right amount of tax has been secured quicker; [and] a better understanding of disputes has been gained and an evidence base created to help Local Compliance’.

Guidance is provided on the HMRC website.