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‘Innovative strategies’ needed for corporate tax dispute resolution

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The seventh meeting of the OECD’s Forum on Tax Administration, held in Buenos Aires last week, brought together heads of tax administrations from 43 countries as well as business leaders.

The FTA said it had worked hard in recent years to foster "a more constructive relationship between large businesses and tax administrations". An adversarial relationship was "contrary to our common goals, which are earlier and greater certainty, consistency and efficiency".

Delegates agreed that they needed to create innovative strategies for issue resolution that were less time and resource intensive, while "still promoting the climate that encourages compliance with tax laws". Particular attention would be paid to the process of conducting and resolving transfer pricing issues.

"Overall, we intend to move away from a hide and seek approach to one based on greater transparency on the part of those taxpayers and tax administrations," the FTA said. "As more companies put good tax compliance at the heart of their corporate governance, this will be easier to achieve."

The meeting concluded with "a unified and strengthened commitment to combat offshore tax abuse".

"Our strategy includes unprecedented sharing and exchange of information and coordinated action to better identify and tirelessly pursue the promoters and users of abusive offshore schemes," the FTA's communiqué said.